DIY: What is involved?


Anyone can learn to be an investor and develop their own financial plan with a modest amount of time and effort. There is a vast amount of resources available to the DIY investor, however, DIY financial planning and investing is not for everyone.  Having an understanding of what is involved is a key component in making the right decision for you.

Is DIY investing for you?

How your money personality affects your share investing

Understand how your personality traits, which affect how you think, feel and act, impact your investment decisions.

Manage your own investments

Investors have unprecedented access to investment information and education, especially online. Can, or even, should you manage your own investments, is a challenging question that requires honest self-evaluation to answer.  

Hire a finance professional or go DIY?

One of the biggest reasons it is difficult to give up control and let an adviser manage our money is because money has an emotional component to it. Ironically, that's also the reason to allow someone else to take charge sometimes! Learn more about why you might consider using a professional in this article on the US site Forbes.

5 good reasons to hire a professional

Yes you can become a DIY investor but many people still need individual advice where a financial professional could add value. This article is US based but with only limited reference to US products, the author's observations can apply internationally.

Independent investor personality

Learn about the 3 major traits of the independent investor personality as well as the biases that may affect their investment decisions.

How to begin investing

Taking the first step in investing can sometimes be difficult. This US based blog has a great synopsis of investor types (make sure you scroll down to the DIY investor type to see if you fit the bill!) as well a step by step process to walk you through beginning to invest.

Effective DIY investing

The Disposition Effect

Learn more about the Disposition Effect - why selling losers and letting winners run is hard to do.

Keys to successful investing

Investing is simple but that doesn't mean it is easy. This article explores the behaviours necessary for investing success.

Principles for investing success

Vanguard suggests focusing on the factors within your control can be an effective way to achieve successful long-term investing results.

My investing journey

ASA member Pauline Gordon shares her investing journey. Download the presentation here.

Characteristics of highly successful investors

What special characteristics do highly successful investors have that you don't? 

Being a successful investor

Hamish Douglass from Magellan has written an insightful article on the attributes of successful investors which is well worth a read.