"I am enjoying my subscription with ASA very much. I can log onto the platform where I am very much enjoying the courses in investing. I have received the Equity magazines. This association is what I was looking for."

  – ASA QLD member


"We think joining the ASA and attending the member meetings was one of the best investment decisions we have ever made. We find the depth of knowledge and experience of other members invaluable" 


 Maria R. NSW ASA member


Why join ASA?

ASA is the largest independent non-profit organisation in Australia with a unique relationship with investors in that it both educates, services, and advocates for individual investors' needs. Expand on your investor knowledge, meet like-minded people, and get protection for your rights as a shareholder.

We protect your rights and make your vote count

  • We champion your rights and amplify your voice on shareholder matters and make your vote count.

We help you on your investment journey

  • Expand on your investor knowledge, so you can hone your financial knowledge and investment skills.

We connect you to a community of investors

  • We provide you with access to a thriving investment community where you can engage with new ideas, build relationships and learn with like-minded investors.

You will receive the following benefits:


  • Young Adult Membership: Receive the same benefits as Green membership for people under 30 years old for only $50

Join young adult

  • Student membership: Receive the same benefits as Green membership for full-time students under 30 years old for only $25.

        Join student    


Choose your membership plan

Are you joining as an individual, joint membership, family, student or youth?

  • Individual membership offers benefits to one person only.
  • Joint membership is designed for couples who both receive the same membership benefits.
  • Family membership is ideal for a couple with children, and all members of the family receive membership benefits. Family memberships are limited to four family members.
  • Student and Youth Adult membership.
  • Your membership subscription may be tax deductible.

Membership types

  • Green membership: access all membership benefits and receive online EQUITY magazine.
  • Classic membership: access all membership benefits and receive printed and online EQUITY magazine.
  • Gold membership: all the benefits of a classic membership and support ASA's advocacy work through your donation.

Note: only green or classic print memberships are available for joint memberships or families.