Estate planning

Estate planning involves developing a strategy to deal with your assets after you die – the legal instruments and structures, such as a will, you put in place to transfer your assets in the event of death. Ensure you and your family have sufficient knowledge and skills to manage risks. Be prepared to seek assistance from advisers on complex tax issues.

Estate planning resources

Estate planning series

 1. The power of attorney (1/07/2016 ) 
 2. The enduring guardianship (1/08/2016 ) 
 3. The advanced health directive (1/09/2016 ) 
 4. Avoiding the testamentary trust (1/10/2016 ) 
 5. Embracing the testamentary trust (1/11/2016 ) 
 6. What are the new death taxes? (1/12/2016 ) 
 7. Their will is important to you (1/01/2017 ) 
 8. Challenging a deceased estate (1/02/2017 ) 

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