Investing in shares 101

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Knowledge and tools for the why and how to invest in shares. Over the course of their life, 80% of Australians will have to learn about share investing or they won’t have a retirement income. Interest rates are hitting an all-time low and money in the bank is going backwards. While no value is ever created in gambling, which is a zero-sum game, knowledge about how you can make money from shares provides clarity that investing creates wealth. However, investing is not risk free. Understand the risk, have a strategy and make informed decisions. We'll show you how.

Investing in Shares 101


  • 10-15 hours of independent content: only the information you need
  • access anywhere you have internet connected
  • no time limit: start anytime and go at your own pace
  • downloadable tools and interactive quizzes
  • video and audio content
  • understand investing without expensive trading software

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New to investing?

You research your new car, your new home and that great overseas holiday. But they don’t make you money. Learn how share investing works so you can make your money work for you. Don’t be passive. Take action. It's your money.

By the end of this course you will:

  • have opened a trading account
  • have started buying (and maybe even selling!) shares
  • understand the different avenues of share investing
  • keep track of your portfolio
  • have an investment plan
  • know if you want to be a DIY investor or follow other options.

Course outline

how shares and the stock market work

  • learn the mechanics of share investing and how shares make money for you

share investing strategies

  • understand risk/reward relationship and develop your own share investing plan

buying your first share

  • set up your trading account, research shares and place an order

managing your share portfolio

  • track the performance of your portfolio and understand the importance of when to sell

This course is not for you if:

  • You're a confident investor
  • You understand how fundamental and technical analysis is used to pick stocks

This course is not going to teach you to become a share trader! Investing in shares and trading shares are two different approaches to buying and selling shares. This course is focused on providing you with information, tools and techniques to make informed decisions about investing in shares for the medium to long-term to build long-term wealth.