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Investor Hour | Local Investor Meetings

This 16-session program started on 17 March 2021, 6.30pm AEDT 

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About wInvest Local Meeting Group

Looking for somewhere to start your investment journey? There are many activities on offer at ASA. wInvest is a group dedicated to helping women start their investment journey. It's a 16-week activity you can join to improve your financial literacy.

Women often get to retirement and find all of a sudden they have to know how to make financial decisions for themselves. How do they look after their superannuation? How do they select the right insurance? What does it all mean? How do they start to manage their finances and make sure they have money to live off for the rest of their life? 

Other women get to retirement and outliving the men that have made the financial decisions for them all their life, they find themselves in a situation where they have to manage the wealth all of a sudden. But how do you manage a large portfolio of stocks, bonds or gold left behind by your husband? Where do you start with all the investments your partner set up for you? You don't want to lose the money your husband spent decades building for the family. 

No matter what stage of your life you are at, it's important for women to be financially literate before they retire. For many years ASA has been there to help many come to terms with the importance of careful building and management of their retirement nest egg. Start with ASA's wInvest group focusing on financial literacy and then once you have the reigns on all the jargon, take the next step to explore ASA's other groups as you progress in your investment journey.

Online Courses

 Series 1: Own Your Financial Future with Award Winning Financial Planner Felicity Cooper 

If you're unable to get to a Winvest meetup, explore the online course, Own Your Financial Future.  This course aims to empower women with an understanding of basic financial concepts (understanding your financial position). Another objective is to give women the confidence to have conversations with their partners, children and financial advisers about how the finances are structured, including superannuation. 

Winvest members engage with content through a series of educational courses hosted by executive women in the finance industry, online chat forums, and groups, as well as opportunities to meet and network with like-minded women. 

The first video series, Own Your Financial Future, is hosted by Felicity Cooper, multiple award-winning Financial Planner and Director of Cooper Wealth Management. 

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Be inspired. Become empowered. Get financially literate. Invest in yourself, with Winvest. 


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